Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Big Hanna comes to Devon schools

Schools provide the perfect location for a Big Hanna. There are so many positive aspects to composting food waste at a school - as well as the usual benefits of on site composting there are clear sociological and educational dimensions, students can learn about the science of composting as well as the environmental benefits. In recognition of this Devon County Council have invested in two Big Hanna's - a T60 installed at Okehampton College in June '09 and a T75 for Ivybridge Community College installed in May '10 as part of a county wide initiative to bring food waste composting to primary and secondary schools in Devon using a variety of types and sizes of technologies. Okehampton College already enjoyed an excellent volunteer scheme called 'Growing Our Futures' that provides students with practical experience of vegetable growing as well as the colleges kitchens with a ready supply of tasty and fresh produce and the Big Hanna has added an extra dimension, allowing the food waste to be composted and the compost to provide a growing media for the vegetable garden. Ivybridge hope to start their Big Hanna just after half term and will also use the compost for growing vegetables after maturation. You can see from the attached picture that the Ivybridge caretaking staff are taking training very seriously - and then there is always the manual in case they miss anything!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Vertal and Contact conclude a distribution agreement of the Big Hanna composters

VERTAL inc. has signed distribution agreement of the Big Hanna composters for Eastern Canada with the company CONTACT, the laboratory for sustainable development. Big Hanna composters, at the finest of composting technology, allow to optimize control of local composting process and to take responsible action in environmental management of food waste.
With the support and expertise of SUSTECO AB, Swedish manufacturer of Big Hanna composters for nearly 20 years, VERTAL Canada offers composters for residential, institutional and commercial applications, giving an environmentally responsible method of source reduction and waste recovery. "The Big Hanna composters, distributed internationally in 20 countries and counting more than 800 local composting facilities, have been awarded several excellence prizes for food waste environmental quality management. VERTAL promotes the overall Canadian implementation effort of composting eco-friendly technologies reducing Greenhouse Gases emissions" said Julie Deslauriers, president of VERTAL. The food waste local streams can be composted on site without curbside collection services, transportation, landfill or incineration. "Our mission is impregnated by sustainable development efforts and fight against global climate change. This is what motivated to create a winning synergy between VERTAL and CONTACT companies. Our common values and implications are promising avenues toward responsibility and implementation of sustainable lifestyles "added the president of VERTAL.
CONTACT, already marketing eco-construction products and services, sustainable development and green technologies, sees a good opportunity in this new product. "Our marketing platform is structured by three departments, offering an exceptional accessibility and a greater ability to respond to complex and innovative mandates" said Pierre Etcheverry, President of CONTACT. "We are already involved in the development of several eco-districts in Quebec. Our approach is truly multidisciplinary and horizontal, including waste management analysis. Using the Big Hanna composter becomes very interesting in a reduction scope cost, transportation and greenhouse gases, and for ease of operation, " added the president.
The company CONTACT is very proud to now add the Big Hanna composter to its range of products. "Whether it's an eco-district, a grocery, a restaurant, a hotel, an office with a cafeteria, a hospital, or any other project, the Big Hanna composter (and its many models) becomes the tool to facilitate the waste management and an eco-responsibility. symbol," concludes Mr. Ronald Arsenault, CEO of CONTACT.


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

First Mobile Big Hanna Composter - Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Rangers, Ontario Canada

The first Big Hanna mobile composting unit was installed in Thunder Bay Ontario for the Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Rangers. The composter is mounted on a trailer that follows to fire ranger's forest camps.
The Big Hanna composter is receiving all the food waste of the fire ranger's camp and allows composting locally the food waste instead of hauling the garbage back to landfill. It's a wonderful accomplishment in the green waste treatment plan established by the Ministry of Natural Resources of Ontario Canada.
Remarkable efforts of coordination were done by both the Ministry of Natural Resource's representatives, by Vertal inc. and by Susteco AB to get the mobile Big Hanna on Wheels. This success story gets to prove once again that simple composting solutions with Big Hanna composters are accessible and easily adapting to the environmental local food waste treatment needs.
Going green has never been so easy.

Monday, 10 May 2010

The first Big Hanna composter in Canada

Officials of the Société des Alcools du Quebec proudly pose in front of the Big Hanna composter model T60 recently installed at the Quebec SAQ distribution center.

After impressive efforts to achieve this Big Hanna composter project, all employees of the SAQ in Quebec can now insert all of their food waste in the composter.

Representatives of the Vertal inc. company spared no efforts to get all necessary permits and authorizations for all food waste composting of including even meat, fish and dairy solids. The composting facility was awarded by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks of Québec a complete certificate of authorization allowing the composting of all the cafeteria's food waste of the Quebec SAQ distribution center.

Congratulations to all participants in this project that have clearly demonstrated that it is possible to take concrete action in reducing the environmental impacts of our daily activities.

Local composting is profitable for all.