Sunday, 30 January 2011

Big Hanna in the Higlands!

A Big Hanna T120 has recently been installed at the renouned Scottish National Outdoor Centre at Glenmore Lodge in the Cairngorm Mountains as part of a food waste composting initiative by the Community Recycling Network Scotland . This particular machine is the first in this size in the UK to be able to utilise single phase power instead of the normal three phase. Glenmore Lodge provides a wide variety activities including skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking and survival courses. Glenmore Lodge is highly well equipped with very comfortable accomodation and hearty meals for the hungry mountain sport enthusiast. The Big Hanna will take all the sites food waste and turn it into an excellent compost that can be used around the site. The attached picture shows Hugh Creighton from Susteco letting senior staff at Glenmore Lodge into the secret of composting with Big Hanna.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Achab Group - New Distributor for Big Hanna Composter in Italy through Swedish Trade Council.

Thanks to the effort of the Swedish Trade Council, Susteco AB have now found a distributor for Big Hanna Composters in Italy, the Achab Group. 

Paolo Silingardi, managing director of Achab Comunica, the Achab Group's company that will follow the distribution of Big Hanna in Italy, said: "Big Hanna is a smart, sustainable and effective way to manage organic wastes and we are confident it will have many opportunities for application in the Italian market. "
Achab Group has been working for 12 years on environment and sustainability: They work with public corporations, private agencies, multi-utilities to implement projects in the areas of waste, separate waste collection, energy and, more generally, sustainable development and green economy.

Achab Group operate all over Italy, with offices in Turin, Venice, Modena and Benevento. The presence throughout the territory and the relationship with the local authorities have enabled them, a long experience, in projects on sustainable solutions for improving the environmental quality.

Achab Group have created a new web page to present the Big Hanna's products, whose address is: 

To get information about Achab Group - National network of environmental communications, please visit

Achab Group è una rete nazionale composta da società e professionisti.

 Achab Group si occupa da 12 anni di ambiente e sostenibilità, collaboriamo con enti pubblici, multiutilities e privati per realizzare progetti nei settori dei rifiuit, delle raccolte differenziate, dell’energia e più in generale dello sviluppo sostenibile e della green economy.

Siamo presenti su tutto il territorio nazionale, con sedi a Torino, Venezia, Modena e Benvento. La presenza capillare sul territorio e il rapporto con gli Enti Locali ci hanno permesso, insieme all’esperienza maturata nei progetti sulla sostenibilità di proporre soluzioni efficaci per migliorare la qualità ambientale.

Per presentare Big Hanna è stato predisposto un nuovo sito,, mentre per avere informazioni su Achab Group – Rete nazionale di comunicazione ambientale, potete visitare il sito

Paolo Silingardi, amministratore unico di Achab Comunica, la delle società della rete Achab Group che seguirà la distribuzione di Big Hanna in Italia, ha dichiarato: “Big Hanna è una soluzione intelligente, sostenibile ed efficace per gestire gli scarti organici e siamo certi che avrà molte opportunità di applicazione nel mercato italiano.”

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

VERTAL Brings the Big Hanna Composters to the US Market of Local Composting

Big Hanna composter's first news blogg in 2011... 
It's BIG news!
VERTAL, North American distributor of Swedish Big Hanna composters, introduces local composting solutions for food waste at the US Composting Council's (USCC) 19th Annual Conference and Exhibition held in Santa Clara/San José, California, January 24-27, 2011.

Benefiting from 20 years of experience of the Swedish manufacturer of the Big Hanna composters, SUSTECO AB, VERTAL proposes composters for residential, institutional and commercial applications, thus offering source reduction and eco friendly methods for composting food waste and other compostable residues.

Read VERTAL's full pressrelease.
Link to more information about the Exhibition.
Link to VERTAL's website