Thursday, 20 October 2011

We recommend this book- How to Make and Use COMPOST the Ulitimate Guide

We warmly recommend this book - How to Make and Use COMPOST the Ulitimate Guide by Nick Scott and here's why:

'Composting is easy, fun, saves you money and helps you to grow lovely plants. Whether you live in a flat with a balcony or have a family and garden that generate large amounts of food and green waste, this book shows you how to compost everything that can be composted – at home, work or school, and in spaces big or small. It covers:

•    creating the right mix for successful garden compost
•    how to compost your food waste safely
•    the full range of composting systems, from plastic ‘daleks’ to large-scale units, including prices and suppliers
•    composting with a wormery
•    making liquid feeds and your own seed and potting compost
•    composting in schools, with advice on getting a school scheme started.

How to Make and Use Compost features a comprehensive A–Z guide, which includes what you can and can’t compost, concepts and techniques, and common problems and solutions.'