Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Vertal inc is attending the US Composting Council Conference and Trade Show - January 28-31

Vertal inc is attending the 21st Annual Conference and Tradeshow - The Magic of Compost! at Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa on January 28-31, 2013 in Orlando, FL, USA.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

New installation in Gueugnon, France

After a successful trial in the high school Saint Exupéry in Macon the County Council, very happy with the result, decided to install a Big Hanna in a high school in Gueugnon. Our distributor, Vauche Biowaste installed a model T120 with a 40 litre hopper that will compost the food waste from the school canteen.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Big Hanna at Ecomondo exhibition in Italy and presented at the Conference on Community composting, Italy

Our distributor Achab Group will exhibit at the fair "Ecomondo - the platform for green solutions" in Rimini, Italy. The exhibition is taking place between the 7-10th of November and our Big Hanna Composter is on display at our distributors stand in Pavilion D3 stand no 142. 
At Ecomondo there is also a "Conference on community composting", Thursday, November 8th at 9:30-13:30, room Cedar Hall West side pad. 7 arranged by ENEA. One of the speakers is Paolo Silingardi, Achab Group, will present the experience of on-site composting of Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia (Viterbo) that we former have presented in a resent news blog of our the installation in Villa San Giovanni published in September 
Please contact our distributor Achab Group for more information about Big Hanna in Italy.

For more information about Ecomondo

Monday, 29 October 2012

Vertal inc will attend the 2012 Southeast Food Waste Reduction Conference on Nov 12-13, 2012

The Southeast Food Waste Reduction Conference is a professional symposium designed for attendees in both the public and private sector working in the fields of composting and organics recycling. During the 1.5 day conference, attendees will gain new insights to create successful food waste diversion programs in both residential and commercial settings. We will explore a diverse array of organics recycling topics including source reduction, separation and collection, composting technologies, regulation and legislation, commercial composting strategies and much more.

The Southeast Food Waste Reduction Conference is intended for commercial and institutional food waste generators (e.g. restaurants, cafeterias, universities, etc), composting professionals, legislators and policymakers, recycling coordinators and utility directors, purchasing agents and facility managers, collection contractors and landfill operators, energy recovery and recycling contractors, growers, processors, distributors and retailers.

Click here for more information about the conference.
Click here for contact with Vertal inc.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Big Hanna installed at Lycée agricole de Tilloy les Mofflaines (Nord Pas de calais), a high school in France

Our distributor in France, Vauché Biowaste, have installed a Big Hanna Composter model T120 at the Garden and Agricultural High School in Tilloy les Mofflaines in north west of France. At this site they compost the food waste coming from the school kitchen. The installation is made within the European program GREENCOOK.

Now after approximately 6 month of installation analysis of the different batches of compost has been made. The results shows that the produced compost is within the norm NFU-44-051 regarding the agronomic, chemical and bacterial criteria's. The compost is sifted, matured and used in the horticultural gardens at the school. 

For more information about our distributor in France see www.vauche.com and click on Vauché Biowaste.

For more information about the high school see Lycée Agricole du Pas-de-Calais 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Green Innovation Award to Big Hanna Composter and FCF Technologies

18-22nd of November 2012 our distributor FCF Technologies for the Benelux countries will present the Big Hanna Composter at 'Horeca Expo 2012' in Gent, Belgium. The 'Horeca Expo 2012' is for people working in the hotel, restaurant, catering and food preparation sector. Big Hanna Composter was nominated in the 'Horeca Expo 2012 Innovation Award' competition, which in total contains five different awards.

Big Hanna Composter won the 'Innovation Award Green'. The jury consisted of 15 persons from different fields of the hospitality industry. FCF Technologies Managing Director Mr Stefaan Goen says: 'We would like to thank the jury that sees the ground breaking possibility of converting the left overs to compost at the restaurant, canteen or school instead of considering it as waste.'

Our distributor for the Benelux countries FCF Technologies is based in Lier, Belgium. FCF Technologies provides on-site composting solutions from family households up to hotels, canteens, housing areas etc.
For more information about Big Hanna please contact our distributor: www.fcftechnologies.com or visit the "Horeca Expo 2012" - just follow the green path at the Flanders Expo in Gent which will lead you to FCF Technologie's stand number 8600 in hall 8 and meet Mr Goen, his sales team and the Big Hanna composter.

If you want to visit the "Horeca Expo 2012" www.horecaexpo.be

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bachelor of Science Thesis - Life cycle assessment and environmental benefits of the composting machine Big Hanna.

This spring two students, Marcus Sohlberg and Henrik Svensson from Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Product- and production development, Division of Production System made their Bachelor of Science Thesis 'Life cycle assessment and environmental benefits of the composting machine Big Hanna'. 

The thesis is written in Swedish but the Summaryis available also in english:

In today’s society demands are getting higher on both small and big scaled companies that need to reach environmental goals from local and national authorities. Big Hanna is a large sized composting machine that has been in use internationally since the past 20 years. An environmental report for Big Hanna has been required. Already existing and potential clients must be able to show data of the products environmental impacts, in order to achieve endorsement from local and national authorities. Susteco is a smaller company in Gothenburg that distributes the product. The goal of the analysis was to determine the potential environmental winnings when using Big Hanna. To achieve these results, a comparing LCA was carried out. LCA is an abbreviation for Lifecycle assessment, a technique used to measure environmental impacts in all the stages of a product's life from-cradle-to-grave. The comparing cases in this analysis include the use of:
  • Landfill 
  • Central composting 
  • Incineration 
Analysis of the manufacturing and destruction/recycling resource consumption for municipal plants with machineries and facilities were considered to be negligible in comparison to the user stage’s environmental impact. The analysis is therefore only focused towards the user stage in all the comparing cases. The biggest market for the product is the English market. Data has therefore only been collected from the English market and with consideration to their environmental infrastructure. 

Since no transport is needed and no ammonia is produced during the degradation process since the nitrogen/carbon content as well as the temperature is being measured and regulated during the process, Big Hanna is the most environment-friendly alternative.'

More information: info@susteco.se

Friday, 21 September 2012

World Green building week event in Istanbul at Coca-cola introducing the "Compost and Zero waste" program

World Green building councils arranges events all over the world focusing on sustainability during the “World Green Building Week”, this week 17-21th of September 2012.

This week the "Turkish Green Building Council" arranged a visit to Coca-Cola in Istanbul introducing Food Composting and Big Hanna. Our distributor in Turkey Mr Mehmet Basaran from Ecotec held a prestentation to the members and gave an introduction to the Big Hanna Composter on the 19th September at Coca-Cola. The introduction gave the visitors inspiration on how to compost food waste on-site instead of transporting it to the landfill.

"Green Building Councils (GBCs) are member-based organizations that partner with industry and government in the transformation of their buildings and their communities towards sustainability. On the ground in over 80 countries, GBCs create change in their local markets as a way to globalize environmentally and socially responsible building practices Green Building Councils (GBCs) are member-based organizations that partner with industry and government in the transformation of their buildings and their communities towards sustainability." 
From "World Green building councils" website. 
Click here for more information about the GBC

For more information please contact our distributor: www.ecotec.com.tr

Monday, 17 September 2012

The SouthEastern Ohio Joint Solid Waste Management announces the installation of two Big Hanna model T240's - read their press release!

SouthEastern Ohio Joint Solid Waste Management District – $48,333.32 Community Development Grant to cover two-thirds of the total cost of $72,500.00 to procure equipment for the construction of a Recyclable Material Transfer Operation.
The project will provide the District with the ability to more efficiently operate Community Drop-Off Recycling Program routes by decreasing travel distances from the individual recycling locations to material recovery and recycling facilities.
Robert Reiter announced an innovative project that is a collaborative effort between the Ohio Department of Natural Resources-Division of Recycling & Litter Prevention, The SouthEastern Ohio Joint Solid Waste Management District, The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction, and Noble Correctional Institution located at 15708 McConnelsville Road Caldwell, Ohio.
The SouthEastern Ohio Joint Solid Waste Management District has received $205,465.00 in state funding to initiate a project for an In-Vessel Food Waste Composting that is the first of its type utilizing an SPC-75S Close-Coupled Food Waste Pulping & Water Extraction unit from Somat Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania to feed in-vessel composting units manufactured by Susteco AB in Gothenburg, Sweden. The In-Vessel Composting phase of the project consists of two “Big Hanna” T240 Units that will be placed in a side-by-side configuration in one of the facility’s buildings.
The project is expected to eliminate the shipment of food waste to landfills by approximately 676 tons per year while reducing the facility’s carbon footprint by as much as 1,676 tons annually.
The most positive aspect of this operation is that provide operations training for inmates, and produce no adverse environmental air or surface water impact. The units will produce a nitrogen-rich compost which will offset the facility’s annual demand for fertilizer in its horticultural, landscaping, gardening, and lawn maintenance programs.
The facility’s water usage with the closing of two garbage disposals and processing all food waste through the Somat Company Close-Coupled Pulper/Extractor will be reduced from sixty gallons per minute to two gallons per minute because of the machine’s ability to recycle sixty percent of the water it uses."

These two machines will be the first to be installed to USA and we will report soon about the installation!
For more information contact our Distributor at info@vertal.ca

Thursday, 6 September 2012

The first Big Hanna composter in Italy: A positive experience of on-site composting

The installation of our model T120_40L was completed during November 2011 in Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia, a small community of 1400 inhabitants located 80 km north of Rome. The organic waste is collected exclusively from the home collection service held in the city.

Organic waste from households is delivered by citizens to the collection service inside mater-bi "OK compost home" certified bags. The organic waste is collected 3 times a week and processed with the Big Hanna Composter.

The compost is picked up by the citizens themselves to be used in their gardens as fertiliser.

The organic material is collected and treated on site
 rather than facing long and expensive transfer to a large composting facility, with cost savings and CO2 abatement.

This is the first Italian experience with Big Hanna and the first experience ever of an entire community that gives all its organic waste to the collection service to be treated on site.

In Italy this represents an important innovation, which arouses the interest of many small city halls aimed to the same disposal system.

Link to our representative in Italy: ACHAB Group

Friday, 24 August 2012

Vertal inc will be hosting a visit at McGill Univeristy's On -Site Composting as part of the 22nd Annual National Conference

The 22nd Annual National Compost Conference will take place on September 19-21, 2012 at Delta Centre-Ville, Montréal, QC. 

The conference begins with a Tour Day on Wednesday September 19:th. The tour will include McGill University’s On-Site Composting with Big Hanna Composter.

'2010 welcomed the installation of an organics recycling and composting program at McGill University. Over 62 tonnes of pre & post-consumer organic residuals generated from the campus’ main cafeterias including Royal Victoria College, New Residence, the Faculty Club and the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) are now processed annually. Opportunities for increased expansion are being considered to capture more than 3 times the current potential.'

Click here for more information about the conference and how to attend.
Email Vertal inc.

Watch this clip from McGill University on YouTube about their installation:

Monday, 11 June 2012

Big Hanna Composter installed at the Coca-Cola Company Headquarter in Istanbul, Turkey.

We are pleased to announce that on 29 May 2012, our Big Hanna model T60 was installed at the Coca-Cola Company Headquarter in İstanbul. The Eurasia and Africa Group of the Coca-Cola Company Headquarter in İstanbul is leading the Company’s business activities in over 90 countries.

Our distributor in Turkey, Ecotec’s CEO, Mehmet Başaran and Susteco’s Cecilia Ek, successfully supervised the first installation in Turkey and thereafter conducted training sessions at Coca-Cola Company.

The Coca-Cola Company İn İstanbul is seriously focused on sustainable development and composting its food wastes on-site helps reduce its carbon footprint by reducing its landfill carbon emissions and reducing its transport related emmissions.

Our goal is to grow the business, not the carbon in our manufacturing operations; and to improve energy efficiency and reduce emission of greenhouse gases in cold drink equipment." Look at this presentation available on YouTube on the committment from Coca-Cola Eurasia and Africa Group. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vertal inc will be exhibiting at the 31st Annual Northeast Recycling Conference and Expo

Vertal inc will be exhibiting at the 31st Annual Northeast Recycling Conference and Expo - Being Greener - The Road to Success. The Conference takes place on June 4:th and 5:th at Radisson Hotel/Center of NH, Manchester NH and is presented by Northeast Resource Recovery Association, NRRA.

Click here for more information.
Click here to contact Vertal inc.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Vauche Biowaste will exhibit with Big Hanna Composter at ENVIRONORD

Vauche Biowaste will exhibit with Big Hanna Composter at Salon ENVIRONORD, le Salon de Solutions Enviromentales pour les Enterprises et les Collectivités, in Lille on June 12-14. Visit Vauche Biowaste at stand G21. 


Monday, 7 May 2012

We are proud to announce that Susteco's Big Hanna Composter has won the Living Labs Global Award 2012

We are proud to announce that Susteco's Big Hanna Composter has won the Living Labs Global Award 2012 introducing Composting on-site in Green Communities. 
“Birmingham’s chosen winner for the Living Labs Global Award 2012, Composting on-site in Green Communities, has the potential to empower residents and small businesses to play their part and exploit new and emerging technological solutions that can accelerate benefits.
This solution offers an opportunity to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and the production of harmful gases and thus it helps to create a greener city, support local initiatives and involve local citizens in their neighbourhoods as well as contributing towards Co2 reduction targets.”

Link to the presentation
Award Announcement:
Twenty-one global cities from Asia, Africa, Europe, North and Latin America have announced the winners of the Living Labs Global Award 2012 (LLGA 2012) in Rio de Janeiro. The Award presented major urban challenges faced by cities such as Barcelona, San Francisco, Cape Town, Mexico City, Birmingham, Rio de Janeiro or Lagos, to which 555  companies from about 50 countries responded by presenting their innovative solutions. Cities spend EUR 3.5 Trillion annually in public procurement, and technologies promise major efficiency, accessibility and service quality gains.

During the first world meeting in Latin America on the smart use of technologies and services, public leaders from 21 global cities have revealed the winning innovative solutions that best meet strategic challenges in their municipalities. Winning solutions of the LLGA 2012 will now be piloted in the participating cities over the next 12 months, to evaluate their impact to meet the challenges.

A quote from Sascha Haselmayer, Co-Founder of Living Labs Global:
“Today we have witnessed a major commitment towards meeting some of the world’s pressing urban challenges, with the goal of improving the lives of more than 50% of the world’s population by using clean technologies, smart services and better accessibility. The winners will now have the opportunity to implement their solutions in real-life, and work together with stakeholders in the 21 partner cities to prove their impact.”

LLGA 2012:
In a unique global effort, 555 technology solutions from about 50 countries submitted to the Living Labs Global Award 2012 in February, while 109 were shortlisted in March. Winners have been selected after an international two-round jury process involving 174 jurors, under the auspices of Living Labs Global, a non-profit association based in Copenhagen and Barcelona working with 50 cities and 450 companies around the world to promote service innovation in cities. The Living Labs Global Award is a unique global process providing full accountability in the evaluation through independent experts. The LLGA 2012 was carried out by Living Labs Global, together with Rio de Janeiro, the City of Barcelona, 20 global cities and partners Oracle and The Climate Group.

LLG Award Ceremony:
The LLGA 2012 Ceremony was attended by 200 participants from 22 countries in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as part of the Rio Summit on Service Innovation in Cities.

Rio Summit on Service Innovation in Cities:
On the second day of the meeting, May 3, during the Rio Summit on Service Innovation in Cities, 200 delegates including public leaders from 30 international cities and pioneering entrepreneurs driving social and technological innovation are engaging in matchmaking activities to foster partnerships and dialogues on the investment priorities of participating cities: Urban Systems & Services, Health & Wellbeing, Open Government & Accessibility, Clean and Green Cities, Tourism & Mobility. 

About Living Labs Global:
Living Labs Global is a non-profit association based in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Barcelona (Spain), working with 50 cities and 450 companies and research centres in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas with a mission to open the market for service innovation in cities and overcoming key technology, organisation and trade barriers. The Living Labs Global Award is an annual process over 8 months in which cities present their challenges and provide guidance to the business and technology community on future investment plans and needs. Solution providers respond by submitting existing technologies as entries for evaluation by an international jury.

More information on www.llga.org

Tony Team Ltd is exhibiting at Independent Schools' Bursars Association

Tony Team Ltd is exhibiting at Independent Schools' Bursars Association on May 9-10th. 

Click here for more information.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

kd Landscaping will be attending the Maine Recycling & Solid Waste Conference

kd Landscaping will be attending the 19th Annual Maine Recycling & Solid Waste Conference. Monday & Tuesday, April 23-24, 2012. Point Lookout Resort, Northport, Maine, US
Read more about this event
Contact kd Landscaping

Friday, 23 March 2012

Vertal inc is attending Vermont Organic Recycling Summit

Big Hanna Composter's representative in US and Canada, Vertal inc is attending Vermont Organics Recycling Summit on March 29th, 2012 at Vermont Technical College.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Article on composting in HM Prison Styal in UK with Big Hanna Composter in Custodial Review

'The Custodial Review' has published an article about composting at HM Prison Styal in UK using Big Hanna Composter: 
'HM Prison Styal in UK has a comprehensive food recycling programme in place that turns nearly all food waste into compost for use in its extensive gardens. Its part of its overall recycling programmes and is very successful'. 

'We turn four 1100 litre wheeled bins of food waste into compost each week. It sounds a huge amount however it should be seen against the background information that we have 450 prisoners eating 3 meals seven days a week. We produce approximately 250 to 300 litres of compost a week as a result. Therefore, we are reducing it by volume by about 90%.'

Friday, 24 February 2012

India Sustainability Conclave March 6-7, New Delhi, India

Perses Bilimoria from Earthsoul India will be talking about Big Hanna Composters at India Sustainability Conclave 2012. This event will take place on March 6-7, 2012 at FICCI, Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi, India. 
Read more in this pdf presenation
Look at the India Sustainability Conclave Website
Contact Earthsoul India

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tony Team Ltd exhibiting with Big Hanna Composters at hotelympia

Tony Team Ltd will again be taking a stand at Hotelympia to be held at ExCel in London from 26th February until 1st March 2012. 
Tony Team intend to exhibit their range of bag and bin compactors, Big Hanna Composters a long with their balers which have been extensively used throughout the catering industry. Please visit them on stand number N1401.

Friday, 10 February 2012

N40 will exhibit with Big Hanna at Carolina Recycling Association's Annual Conference and Trade Show

N40 our distributor for Big Hanna Composters covering North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee will exhibit at the Carolina Recycling Association's 22nd Annual Conference and Trade Show "Recycling on the Rise" March 19-23, held in Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC.
Click here to find out more about this show!
Click here to visit N40's website!
Click here to contact Vertal, Vertal is overall responsible for US and Canada!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

University of Ioannina in Greece has made a thesis on their Big Hanna Composter

'The University of Ioannina (North-Western Greece), the 4th biggest Greek University with more than 12000 under- and graduate students has recently installed an aerobic treatment system (Big Hanna continuous flow composter, with weekly process-ing capacity of 400-1200 kg of wastes, from the company Susteco AB, Sweden) in order to covert the food residues from the student restaurant, the student residences and the canteens (approximately 120 kg/day) within the University campus in a first class compost. The compost produced is used for the restoration of areas within the campus and in gardens of the University personnel. The aim of the diploma thesis was to monitor the composter’s operation through calculation of the carbon balance, based on measurements of different environ-mental parameters during a period of 4 months'
Wording from the abstract of the thesis - we are especially happy with the conclusion made: 
'The excellent operation of the system is also demonstrated by the fact that no lechates were formed neither methane that could be an indicator of anaerobic conditions. In addition during the operation the 41.97% of the incoming carbon is converted into compost and 49.10% is converted to CO2.'
Link to University of Ioannina

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Big Hanna Distributor Earthsoul India Pvt. Ltd. will make a presentation at the Fifth meeting of the Environment & Recycling Council of CII-Godrej GBC

Big Hanna Distributor Earthsoul India Pvt. Ltd. will make a presentation at the Fifth meeting of the Environment & Recycling Council of CII-Godrej GBC. The meeting will take place on February 4:th at ACC Ltd, Thane Complex in Mumbai, India. If you are interested in this event please click here to email Earthsoul India Pvt. Ltd. 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Marvin Tucker, Vertal's representative will attend the 2012 Sustainable Communities Conference and Trade Show in Ottawa, Canada

The 2012 Sustainable Communities Conference and Trade Show is held on February 8-10, 2012 at The Westin Ottawa, Ontario. Marwin Tucker, Vertal / Big Hanna Composter's representative in Ottawa will attend.

'Hundreds of cities and communities across Canada are leading the charge towards local sustainability and the shift to a green economy. Every year, they come together to share their experiences, learn from experts and discuss the latest strategies for sustainable community development.'
Read more or register at:
Link to Sustainable Communities Conference and Trade Show