Monday, 29 October 2012

Vertal inc will attend the 2012 Southeast Food Waste Reduction Conference on Nov 12-13, 2012

The Southeast Food Waste Reduction Conference is a professional symposium designed for attendees in both the public and private sector working in the fields of composting and organics recycling. During the 1.5 day conference, attendees will gain new insights to create successful food waste diversion programs in both residential and commercial settings. We will explore a diverse array of organics recycling topics including source reduction, separation and collection, composting technologies, regulation and legislation, commercial composting strategies and much more.

The Southeast Food Waste Reduction Conference is intended for commercial and institutional food waste generators (e.g. restaurants, cafeterias, universities, etc), composting professionals, legislators and policymakers, recycling coordinators and utility directors, purchasing agents and facility managers, collection contractors and landfill operators, energy recovery and recycling contractors, growers, processors, distributors and retailers.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Big Hanna installed at Lycée agricole de Tilloy les Mofflaines (Nord Pas de calais), a high school in France

Our distributor in France, Vauché Biowaste, have installed a Big Hanna Composter model T120 at the Garden and Agricultural High School in Tilloy les Mofflaines in north west of France. At this site they compost the food waste coming from the school kitchen. The installation is made within the European program GREENCOOK.

Now after approximately 6 month of installation analysis of the different batches of compost has been made. The results shows that the produced compost is within the norm NFU-44-051 regarding the agronomic, chemical and bacterial criteria's. The compost is sifted, matured and used in the horticultural gardens at the school. 

For more information about our distributor in France see and click on Vauché Biowaste.

For more information about the high school see Lycée Agricole du Pas-de-Calais 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Green Innovation Award to Big Hanna Composter and FCF Technologies

18-22nd of November 2012 our distributor FCF Technologies for the Benelux countries will present the Big Hanna Composter at 'Horeca Expo 2012' in Gent, Belgium. The 'Horeca Expo 2012' is for people working in the hotel, restaurant, catering and food preparation sector. Big Hanna Composter was nominated in the 'Horeca Expo 2012 Innovation Award' competition, which in total contains five different awards.

Big Hanna Composter won the 'Innovation Award Green'. The jury consisted of 15 persons from different fields of the hospitality industry. FCF Technologies Managing Director Mr Stefaan Goen says: 'We would like to thank the jury that sees the ground breaking possibility of converting the left overs to compost at the restaurant, canteen or school instead of considering it as waste.'

Our distributor for the Benelux countries FCF Technologies is based in Lier, Belgium. FCF Technologies provides on-site composting solutions from family households up to hotels, canteens, housing areas etc.
For more information about Big Hanna please contact our distributor: or visit the "Horeca Expo 2012" - just follow the green path at the Flanders Expo in Gent which will lead you to FCF Technologie's stand number 8600 in hall 8 and meet Mr Goen, his sales team and the Big Hanna composter.

If you want to visit the "Horeca Expo 2012"

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bachelor of Science Thesis - Life cycle assessment and environmental benefits of the composting machine Big Hanna.

This spring two students, Marcus Sohlberg and Henrik Svensson from Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Product- and production development, Division of Production System made their Bachelor of Science Thesis 'Life cycle assessment and environmental benefits of the composting machine Big Hanna'. 

The thesis is written in Swedish but the Summaryis available also in english:

In today’s society demands are getting higher on both small and big scaled companies that need to reach environmental goals from local and national authorities. Big Hanna is a large sized composting machine that has been in use internationally since the past 20 years. An environmental report for Big Hanna has been required. Already existing and potential clients must be able to show data of the products environmental impacts, in order to achieve endorsement from local and national authorities. Susteco is a smaller company in Gothenburg that distributes the product. The goal of the analysis was to determine the potential environmental winnings when using Big Hanna. To achieve these results, a comparing LCA was carried out. LCA is an abbreviation for Lifecycle assessment, a technique used to measure environmental impacts in all the stages of a product's life from-cradle-to-grave. The comparing cases in this analysis include the use of:
  • Landfill 
  • Central composting 
  • Incineration 
Analysis of the manufacturing and destruction/recycling resource consumption for municipal plants with machineries and facilities were considered to be negligible in comparison to the user stage’s environmental impact. The analysis is therefore only focused towards the user stage in all the comparing cases. The biggest market for the product is the English market. Data has therefore only been collected from the English market and with consideration to their environmental infrastructure. 

Since no transport is needed and no ammonia is produced during the degradation process since the nitrogen/carbon content as well as the temperature is being measured and regulated during the process, Big Hanna is the most environment-friendly alternative.'

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