Thursday, 19 December 2013

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This year we have donated a Christmas gift to WWF 2013.

We have donated a Christmas gift to WWF 2013

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Converging Trends, Improving Technology Drive Interest in Food Waste Decomposition Machines | Green Lodging News

"We have the only machine on the market that discharges fully stable compost,” says John Clifford, founder of Focused Sustainability Consulting." Read the full story on:

Converging Trends, Improving Technology Drive Interest in Food Waste Decomposition Machines | Green Lodging News

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Monday, 7 October 2013

Visit Topia in stand 319A at AbientAL 2013 on October 16-18 at Espacio Riesco, Santiago de Chile

Chile installs the Latin American Environment Week AmbientAL 2013, is the platform that will gather both the public and private worlds around innovation and sustainable development.
 - It is a great professional encounter for the exchange of experiences, knowledge, training and technology.
 - It is the meeting point for local and international companies related to the care and conservation of the environment.
 - It is an event that will integrate GENERA Latin America, The International Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Show, and EXPO RECICLA, The Show of Solutions for the Handling and Management of Solid Waste.
This will be held during October 16 thru 18th in Espacio Riesco, Santiago de Chile Topia will be in the stand 319A

For more information, this is the link for the website english:

Visit Topia's website at:

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Vertal, our distributor in Canada and USA, will be attending the 23rd Annual National Compost Conference

The 23rd National Compost Conference will be held in Toronto, Ontario taking place September 11-13, 2013 at the Eaton Chelsea, 33 Gerrard Street West. The Conference annually provides some of the most extensive opportunities for learning and networking available nationally for those engaged in organics recycling and compost marketing and utilization, providing a national forum. Participants include representatives from all levels of government (particularly with interests in Environment, Agriculture, and Economic Development), industry (organic waste generators, compost system manufacturers and designers, facility operators, consultants and others) and academia.
More information can be found on
Conctact our distributor Vertal at

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Vertal is Exhibiting Big Hanna at the Waste Expo in New Orleans, LA, USA on May 20-23

Vertal is Exhibiting Big Hanna at the Waste Expo in New Orleans, LA, USA on May 20-23 which includes Organics/Composting - WasteExpo's 1st Annual Organics Conference Program.
Find out more at:

Thursday, 25 April 2013

30 tons less in organic waste and 4500 kg of extra compost each year at Pieve Di Cento School's canteen in Italy.

Saturday, November 24, 2012 a Big Hanna Composter model T120 was inaugurated and immediately after put into operation at a school's canteen in the town of Pieve di Cento, a town with about 6,000 inhabitants, located in North Italy.

The Composter was purchased by the City of Pieve di Cento with a loan obtained from ATO Bologna (Area Authorities of the Province of Bologna with its 60 city halls, which is responsible for monitoring and control of water resources and solid waste).

The composter has been installed at a food production centre operating within the spaces of the kindergarten's canteen that produces meals for the kindergarten and primary school in the town, plus meals for elderly home care services and facilities operated by the local health institution.

Big Hanna will reduce about 30 tons of organic waste derived from meals production and from waste residues of pre-school meals each year and will produce new compost in total estimated to 4,500 kg annually.

The produced compost acts as a powerful fertilizer for the municipal  gardens and it is also used in awareness-raising projects with the children so that they learn what waste and scrap may become: everything but trash!

This is a great example of organic waste management, even better than recycling itself, because it will reduce the waste's production to zero, turning it into something which is extremely useful in the same production's place.

T120, capable of treating up from 40 to 70 kg of waste per day, equivalent to 300-500 kg per week, corresponding to 16-26 T/ year, stainless steel Bio filter "Hanna"

Provincia di Bologna.

Pieve di Cento Town.

Since the subject that produces waste is the same subject who reuses the compost on site, and there is no the willingness to dispose of the waste, no permissions are required.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New model in the Big Hanna range - model T480

We are very pleased to announce that we now have extended our range of Big Hanna models. Many customers are looking for a solution to compost their food waste on-site having more food waste than our T240 model can handle. Our new Big Hanna composter is called model T480 and has a capacity of 800-2400 kg food waste per week. Used together with a dewaterer that capacity increases to 1600-3800 kg wet food waste per week or 800-1900 kg of dewatered food waste per week.
In 2006 we installed a larger tailor made version of Big Hanna called Neter 8. After more than 6 year's of reliable operation converting Kelly's Resort's food waste to compost we now include this size of cylinder in the Big Hanna range of standard composter's - the model T480. The model T480 have a 80 litre hopper with an infeed auger, same as our model T240. A binlift is available for an easy handling of the food waste at the customers' site. 

Respecting our environment it is important for us to build sustainable, reliable machines with a long life span. Composting reduce the carbon foot print and makes the GHG emissions calculation bottom line positive. Diverting food waste from landfill and composting it on site with Big Hanna model T480 saves up to 223 Metric tons of CO2EQ per year (or 352 Metric tons if used together with a dewaterer). 

Using the compost as a fertilizer provides us with the potential to enhance the growth of beneficial micro organisms in the soil in new or existing vegetation allowing more respiration in our atmosphere. Composting is therefore considered to have a positive effect on our planet helping it recover. If you are interested in our newest addition to the Big Hanna family contact us or read more in our brochure by clicking on the link below.  

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Happy Earth Hour 2013!

We wish you a Happy Earth Hour - Big Hanna celebrated with candle lights! 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A perfect loop: how the Eden Project does waste

This year we have decided to include some of our old but still good references in our blog. Installations made in the past before we had a blog. Our first 'oldie but goodie' is our biggest tailor made machine at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK. In May 2005 Susteco AB installed a bigger version of Big Hanna called Neter30 - a 30 cubic meter (a Big Hanna T60 is 1 cubic meter for comparison) in-vessel composter that has been taking care of the food waste from the 1 million visitor every year at Eden for almost eight years now. 

In this movie Eden Project describes how they turn their food waste in to valuable soil. The compost food waste is mixed with compost from garden waste and is used to grow flowers as well a fresh food that is served at Eden Project.

On Eden Projects website you can read about why they are composting:
'Why Eden composts
Maxine Fuller, Waste Operations Manager at Eden, says: 'The whole composting process is a great educational tool for visitors, because they see the journey of their food from the plate through to the plant. It starts as they sort waste from their trays into different containers, and ends as they pass the composting plant which has been deliberately sited near one of the public car parks. It’s Eden’s version of alchemy.''
'What comes out is a potent material that’s either mixed with soil or used as a mulch. 'Using compost made from waste to grow new plants is a great illustration of the Eden philosophy and, from a horticulture perspective, we’re really pleased with the results we’ve seen,' says Eden Project horticulturist Darren Topps.'

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

NOELE, creative solutions, Ltd will exhibit at 18th FLORA GARDEN & FLOWER SHOW

NOELE Creative Solutions, Ltd, our distributor in Slovenia will exhibit at 18th FLORA GARDEN & FLOWER SHOW on 15-17 of March. Show will take place at Celje Showground.

Link to Noele Creative Solutions Ltd

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Big Hanna at Millets Farm Centre, Frilford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Millets Farm Centre has an extensive range of facilities including a farm shop, garden centre, cafe, craft gallery and restaurants. For the children they have a farm zoo and play area. The farmhouse restaurant is open daily and meetings, weddings and Parties can be booked in the Lake view restaurant. 

From June to September Millets Farm has more than 75 acres of crops for 'Pick your own' harvesting including a choice of over 30 different fruits and vegetables can be picked and purchased throughout the season. 

The Big Hanna model T240 at Millets Farm is installed in an unheated composting shelter and compost the food waste from the farm shop and restaurant on-site.  

As part of the Frosts group, Millets Garden Centre if offering both new and experienced gardeners a wide choice of exceptional plants and high quality products, coupled with knowledgeable horticultural advice. 

For more information:

Monday, 4 February 2013

Mount Allison and Big Hanna on CBCnews.

'NB Newsmaker Feb. 1 2013 - Big Hanna, Mount Allison's industrial composter with an industrial-sized appetite. It's helping the university chew its way to zero food waste. Hear more in our Newsmaker segment with Michelle Strain'

Link to the clip on CBCnews

Monday, 28 January 2013

Big Hanna at Mount Allison University in Canada

Early January our distributor Vertal Inc in Canada installed and held a training of the composters at Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. Participating at this training was Chef Tom Burrell, Perry Eldridge, Brian Slemming, Michelle Strain and Andrea Ward from Mount Allison.

Michelle Strain Director, Administrative Service at the Mount Allison university says: "The wait is finally over! Mount Allison is proud to announce the arrival of two Big Hanna composters in our dining hall operation. The compost generated will allow us to close the loop on food waste by using it on campus gardens and lawns and at the farm to supplement the soil used to grow food for the dining hall.

Mount Allison University staff and students care deeply about food and about our impact on the environment. Students living in campus residences eat all meals in the award winning Jennings Dining Hall. Food is cooked fresh and customized to individual tastes at 14 stations set up marche style.

40% of food purchased is local coming from within a five hour circle of Sackville. Students scrape their own plates just like at home. The food waste is then pulped to remove moisture and weight. This is the waste that will feed the new Big Hanna composters now installed in a new purpose-built room.

We chose this technology for both the high quality compost end product and for the high level of commitment to reducing our impact on the environment demonstrated by Vertal Inc and Susteco AB.
The annual food waste generated at Jennings Hall is 60,000 kgs/year. Between 3,000 and 3,500 meals are consumed per day by 1,200 students living on campus. Average daily waste during the September to April academic year is 220 to 240 kgs per day depending on menu options. The arrival of the Big Hannas has sparked a waste reduction initiative for both pre and post-consumer food waste. The University is saving $32,000 per year in food waste removal costs. We are looking forward to using the compost on the Mount Allison farm to grow vegetables for the dining hall this summer." 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

First Big Hanna installed in Hotel O'Xardin, Carballiño in Spain

We are happy to announce that our Spanish distributor Todoverde based in Ourense, Galicia, Spain have installed their first Big Hanna Composter. Todoverde was founded in 1984 converting manure from a rabbit farm to a natural fertilizer in a sustainable and effective way by using vermicomposting. Today Todoverde produce and sell natural fertilizer, garden products and small scale composters at their Garden centre. They are now introducing our Big Hanna Composter to the Spanish market.

In December, Todoverde installed their first Big Hanna Composter model T40 at the Hotel and Restaurant O'Xardín in O Carballiño in Galicia, north western part of Spain.
The composter and biofilter are installed in an unheated wooden shelter close to the hotel.   
The machine was installed end of December 2012 and after the Christmas and New Year holiday they started to put their food waste into the Big Hanna in the beginning of January.  
This installation is partly financed by the Europe Development Fund and the regional operational program Feder Galicia 2007-2013 introducing new possibilities of minimize organic waste sent to landfill. 
For more information on installations in Spain contact our distributor  

Thursday, 10 January 2013

2013 Rhode Island Compost Conference and Trade Show - John Clifford of Focused Sustainability Group will be presenting Big Hanna

John Clifford of Focused Sustainability Group will be presenting Big Hanna at the Rhode Island Compost Conference and Trade Show on Friday February 8, 2013  Johnson & Wales University Harborside Recreation Center.

This is the agenda:
8:30 AM  Registration begins and trade show opens.
9  AM      Welcome    Greetings From hosts, conveners, and dignitaries   
9:25 AM   Charge for the day
9:35  AM       Keynote  Gretel Clark     Hamilton MA compost program 

10:15 AM  announcements

10:20 AM  head to workshops

First session of panels  10:30  to 11;25
Solutions for restaurants   Matt Genusio  Chez Pascal   Paul Frade PF Trading 
Home composting   Nancy Warner  Worm Ladies of Charlestown     Reinhard Sidor URI Master Composters
Compost science  Dr. Robert Rafka  URI  Master Composters
The environment in RI for advances in composting    Frank Jacques  Buxton Hollow Farm     Greg Gerritt  RI Compost Initiative

Second session   11:35 to 12:30
Solutions for institutions  Scott Miller   JWU    Jim Murphy   RIC     David Temple Vegware
The state of compost on Smith Hill  Rep. Art Handy  and another legislator  
In vessel aerobic composting   John Clifford  Big Hanna     Bill Hanley Biogreen 360
Compost, soil, and food in Rhode Island   Mike Merner  Earthcare Farm    Ken Ayars   RIDEM

Lunch and Trade Show at 12:30  in the exhibition hall
2 PM  panel   what next    Panelists Michael O'Connell  RIRRC   Lauri Grantham   RIDEM, 
3 PM  next steps  closing  
3:15 PM  Trade show 

This Event is hosted by the Environment COuncil of Rhode Island. More information click here.