Monday, 28 January 2013

Big Hanna at Mount Allison University in Canada

Early January our distributor Vertal Inc in Canada installed and held a training of the composters at Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. Participating at this training was Chef Tom Burrell, Perry Eldridge, Brian Slemming, Michelle Strain and Andrea Ward from Mount Allison.

Michelle Strain Director, Administrative Service at the Mount Allison university says: "The wait is finally over! Mount Allison is proud to announce the arrival of two Big Hanna composters in our dining hall operation. The compost generated will allow us to close the loop on food waste by using it on campus gardens and lawns and at the farm to supplement the soil used to grow food for the dining hall.

Mount Allison University staff and students care deeply about food and about our impact on the environment. Students living in campus residences eat all meals in the award winning Jennings Dining Hall. Food is cooked fresh and customized to individual tastes at 14 stations set up marche style.

40% of food purchased is local coming from within a five hour circle of Sackville. Students scrape their own plates just like at home. The food waste is then pulped to remove moisture and weight. This is the waste that will feed the new Big Hanna composters now installed in a new purpose-built room.

We chose this technology for both the high quality compost end product and for the high level of commitment to reducing our impact on the environment demonstrated by Vertal Inc and Susteco AB.
The annual food waste generated at Jennings Hall is 60,000 kgs/year. Between 3,000 and 3,500 meals are consumed per day by 1,200 students living on campus. Average daily waste during the September to April academic year is 220 to 240 kgs per day depending on menu options. The arrival of the Big Hannas has sparked a waste reduction initiative for both pre and post-consumer food waste. The University is saving $32,000 per year in food waste removal costs. We are looking forward to using the compost on the Mount Allison farm to grow vegetables for the dining hall this summer." 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

First Big Hanna installed in Hotel O'Xardin, Carballiño in Spain

We are happy to announce that our Spanish distributor Todoverde based in Ourense, Galicia, Spain have installed their first Big Hanna Composter. Todoverde was founded in 1984 converting manure from a rabbit farm to a natural fertilizer in a sustainable and effective way by using vermicomposting. Today Todoverde produce and sell natural fertilizer, garden products and small scale composters at their Garden centre. They are now introducing our Big Hanna Composter to the Spanish market.

In December, Todoverde installed their first Big Hanna Composter model T40 at the Hotel and Restaurant O'Xardín in O Carballiño in Galicia, north western part of Spain.
The composter and biofilter are installed in an unheated wooden shelter close to the hotel.   
The machine was installed end of December 2012 and after the Christmas and New Year holiday they started to put their food waste into the Big Hanna in the beginning of January.  
This installation is partly financed by the Europe Development Fund and the regional operational program Feder Galicia 2007-2013 introducing new possibilities of minimize organic waste sent to landfill. 
For more information on installations in Spain contact our distributor  

Thursday, 10 January 2013

2013 Rhode Island Compost Conference and Trade Show - John Clifford of Focused Sustainability Group will be presenting Big Hanna

John Clifford of Focused Sustainability Group will be presenting Big Hanna at the Rhode Island Compost Conference and Trade Show on Friday February 8, 2013  Johnson & Wales University Harborside Recreation Center.

This is the agenda:
8:30 AM  Registration begins and trade show opens.
9  AM      Welcome    Greetings From hosts, conveners, and dignitaries   
9:25 AM   Charge for the day
9:35  AM       Keynote  Gretel Clark     Hamilton MA compost program 

10:15 AM  announcements

10:20 AM  head to workshops

First session of panels  10:30  to 11;25
Solutions for restaurants   Matt Genusio  Chez Pascal   Paul Frade PF Trading 
Home composting   Nancy Warner  Worm Ladies of Charlestown     Reinhard Sidor URI Master Composters
Compost science  Dr. Robert Rafka  URI  Master Composters
The environment in RI for advances in composting    Frank Jacques  Buxton Hollow Farm     Greg Gerritt  RI Compost Initiative

Second session   11:35 to 12:30
Solutions for institutions  Scott Miller   JWU    Jim Murphy   RIC     David Temple Vegware
The state of compost on Smith Hill  Rep. Art Handy  and another legislator  
In vessel aerobic composting   John Clifford  Big Hanna     Bill Hanley Biogreen 360
Compost, soil, and food in Rhode Island   Mike Merner  Earthcare Farm    Ken Ayars   RIDEM

Lunch and Trade Show at 12:30  in the exhibition hall
2 PM  panel   what next    Panelists Michael O'Connell  RIRRC   Lauri Grantham   RIDEM, 
3 PM  next steps  closing  
3:15 PM  Trade show 

This Event is hosted by the Environment COuncil of Rhode Island. More information click here.