Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Zero impact separate waste collection with donkeys and recycling food waste with Big Hanna composter in Italy!

Montalto Ligure, a small village with about 365 inhabitants, situated in the Riviera Ligur's hinterland (North East Italy), an almost untouched place (difficult to reach and cross by 'normal' means of transport) said 'Enough!' to compactors and dumpsters. 
Lemon and Gina, the pair of donkeys that arrived some time ago, provides for the 'door to door waste collection', carrying baskets loaded by an operator with food waste, glass, cans etc up to a battery powered 'porter' vehicle which completes the virtuous 'zero impact' circle, transferring all in containers destined to major recycling plants. Read the article from early this year www.sanremonews.it, (where the above picture comes from). 
The implications for ecological, economic and employment aspects are very  important: from the ecology of inland towns with environmental pollution's reduction, to the potential destination of many animals that may be employed in the sector, to the 'zero impact philosophy applied to the most activities of everyday life.
With the aim of reduction of waste at source, a Big Hanna composter model T60 was installed. The Big Hanna will transform organic waste into fertilizer which will be used in the area.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Achabgroup will exhibit at Ecomondo in Italy - Nov 5 - 8.

Visit in Hall 1, Lane 1. Stand 13. 
Also visit the new website in italian by Achabgroup: