Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Monday, 9 November 2015

City of Fondachelli, Sicily is composting with the new Big Hanna with remote access

The City of Fondachelli, a small Town in the province of Messina, Sicily, has installed a Big Hanna composter model T240 with a bin lift and a Hanna biofilter. An important innovation of this machine is the new touch screen that Susteco AB has developed to make it easy for their customers to record the input of food waste and output of compost as well as remotely monitor the temperatures of the biological process and settings.

With the new touch screen it is possible to remotely connect to the macchine to see temperatures and log in to the settings and change the parameters if needed. If there is anything wrong with the machine it is possible to ask the machine to send an alert via email or text message to the operator. By using USB or FTP the logged info can be downloaded and then opened in Microsoft Excel.

The new operator panel features a simple interactive interface: by pressing simple symbols it is possible to operate the machinery's main functions. This makes it possible for people of many different languages to be able to operate the same machine without having to change the language settings. There are also different levels of access to operation and changing settings.
The City of Fondachelli installed the equipment together with ACHAB s.r.l.'s subdistributor Eco4you at their waste collection center. This is the first installation in Sicily. There is a great potential for local solutions for treatment of waste like Big Hanna in Sicily.
The Big Hanna model T240 has a capacity of converting up to about 65 tons of food waste per year into compost. The machine will be loaded with the organic waste collected from the households in the area three times a week by personnel carrying out the collection services in the municipality.
For more information about Big Hanna and the new touch screen please contact our distributors. Please note that the 'old' system with our keypad will continue to be sold.

For more information about the installation in Italian - click here.

For more information about our Big Hanna composter in Italy please contact our distributor Achab Srl

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Citizens in Masserano (BI), Italy are composting with Big Hanna

"Here are the keys and have fun." At the recycling center in the village of Upper Rongio, Masserano (Biella) the citizen can put their food waste directly into the Big Hanna composter. The composter will be operated by the technical department of the municipality together with the Consortium COSRAB and this set up will provide the citizens with compost.
It was with support from COSRAB (Consortium Waste Disposal Area Biella)" and the cross-border project "C3PO for waste reduction (Alcotra Italy-France, 2007-2013)" that  Rongio i Masserano not only was able to install a Big Hanna for the organic residues of the inhabitants but also were able to reorganize their waste collection and create a unique recycling center. The recycling center area is under video surveillance and is only for the exclusive use of local residents who get access by a key card system.
This change is well accepted by the local community (about 80 families of permanent residents and holiday homes) which will use the above to improve the quality of recycling and to avoid drop-outs at the side of bins that always disturbed the quiet daily life of this village in Biella area.

For more information about Big Hanna in Italy - please contact our distributor Achab s.r.l. or read about the installation in Masserano in Italian by following this link.

Monday, 10 August 2015

DRC in Ohio continues to implement Big Hanna composter at six of their correctional institutions

We proudly announce that the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) in the United States of America once again chose to compost their food waste with our Big Hanna composter.
ODRC first installed two Big Hanna composters at Noble Correctional Institution in 2012. Just after installation at Noble, ODRC experienced the benefits of taking care of the food waste on-site instead of sending it to landfill.
Not only did they like the easy operation and the fact that the units could be installed indoors, but they also appreciated the cost savings from reduced waste hauls to the landfill and fewer trips through the security gates. In addition, ODRC recognized the offenders’ commitment to composting and willingness to learn about Big Hanna and gardening. 
In 2014, ODRC decided to expand their use of Big Hannas, and this past February, the first two of six new Big Hanna composters, model T480, units were installed at two other correctional institutions. The remaining units have been delivered to the next four locations and the start-up is now taking place.

The first Big Hanna model T480 in this roll-out was installed at Belmont Correctional Institution located in the eastern part of Ohio. The second unit was installed at Ross Correctional Institution, in southern Ohio.
Each of the institutions chosen for these six units house about 2,500 male offenders. All food waste at each institution is first separated and mechanically macerated and dewatered in a pulper installed in the food service area.
The pulped food waste is then taken to the composter where it is mixed with bulking material and put into Big Hanna. After the two-month start-up, the composters at Ross and Belmont are now operating at full capacity. 

For State of Ohio Agencies, and organizations participating in the State of Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program, the Big Hanna machines are available for direct purchase through our contract with Ohio DAS (Department of Administrative Services) - contract number is CSP-900-215 Index GDC 159. 

For more information about our Big Hanna contact our distributor EC ALL Ltd in Ohio.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Three Star Green Restaurants in Istanbul Turkey, use Big Hanna Composter

We are pleased to announce that our distributor in Turkey, Ecotec, has become a part of The Green Restaurant Association Turkey’s program. The Green Restaurant Association Turkey (GRAT) is a non-profit organization that provides certification for restaurants to become more environmentally responsible.
From left to right: Mr. Baris Tansever, Partner of The Sunset Grill Restaurant; Mrs. Asli Pasinli, Managing Partner of The Soul Restaurant Group; Mr. Mehmet Basaran, Ecotec's CEO; Mr. Murat Hazinedar, Mayor of Besiktas/Istanbul and Mr. Kaya Demirer, President TURYID
The GRAT is founded by World Wide Fund for Nature Turkey (WWF Turkey) and Bosphorus University in Istanbul. During the beginning stage of the GRAT, two restaurants got their certification as a Three Star Green Restaurant. Turkish Restaurant & Entertainment Association (TURYID) and Besiktas Municipality are also playing an active role in this project.
In February 2015, the first Big Hanna composter model T120 was successfully installed at the Sunset Grill Restaurant in Istanbul to compost the food waste on-site and the second Big Hanna T120 will be installed in the La Mancha Restaurant en which is a part of the Soul Restaurant Group.
These two Big Hanna composter T120 were purchased by Unilever Food Solutions which is a sponsor in that project. The compost will Besiktaş Municipality use in their public gardens in Besiktas/Istanbul. 

Ecotec’s CEO, Mehmet Başaran told us that GRAT’s goal is to reach 100 green restaurants in the first year. 
More info about the installation at the Sunset Grill Restaurant you find in this film clip posted on Ihlas News Agency (IHA) website.

For more information about this project and Big Hanna in Turkey please contact our distributor Ecotec Ltd

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The County council in Val de Marne, France install a second Big Hanna composter in Valenton

The County council in Val de Marne located south east of Paris, continue to implement their policy of sustainable development and management of food waste by installing a second Big Hanna modell T120 to convert the organic food waste from the canteen at the county technical department in Valenton.
The equipment that has been installed and commissioned by the company Ar-Val are: One Big Hanna composter model T120, a binlift, a bio filter, one secondary treatment area and a roof covering the units. 
The installation of the system makes it possible for the canteen to recycle a part of their waste on-site by making their own compost. By doing that they respect the law "La loi grenelle" which regulate the treatment of organic waste in France.
To convert their biological waste on-site is seen as a major cultural novelty in this county.
The compost of quality NFU 44-051 will of course be used by the park management within the engineering department but also will aslo be sold for use in a research project about green roofs.
They will also use the compost as a soil amendment in their vegetable gardens.

For more information about Big Hanna in French see www.bighanna.com  

Friday, 20 March 2015

New Zealand Defence Force go green with Big Hanna

We just have to share an article and TV coverage from our New Zeeland distributors website:

From New Zealand’s Defence Force is going green with a new initiative targeting the food waste it produces. It’s starting with the Navy, which as well as protecting our shores, is now making its own compost.

TVNZ’s OneNews reporter, Matt McLean, recently visited the Vince McGlone Galley at Devonport Naval Base and was pleasantly surprised at the standard of cuisine prepared there. Petty Officer Chef Simon Gillbanks explained what was on the menu that day. “We’ve got some pork loin, with apple and blue cheese coleslaw, pan-fried steak with a herb butter, and a Malaysian rendang curry.”

Welcome to the Navy, where apparently, they’re aiming for a Michelin star!

“This sounds very gourmet,” Matt remarked to Simon.

“We’ve got to do it flash, and keep the boys [and girls] happy,” said Simon. “They’re never happy, some want a medium-rare steak, others want well-done!” Despite the routine grumbles, Matt checked in the galley dining room and found a high level of satisfaction.

But keeping the Navy well fed means the chefs are preparing up to 3,000 meals a week – that equates to 95 tonnes of food waste a year. “What to do with those scraps?” asked reporter Matt.

Until now, they’ve been carted off to the tip. But not any more thanks to Big Hanna.

Shaun Bowler, of Big Hanna Composter Ltd, explained how Big Hanna works. “She composts onsite and in a closed vessel, which means that instead of trucking food waste off your site, you’re actually turning it into rich, nutritious compost onsite.”

It takes around eight weeks for the food to get turned into compost.

Shaun Bowler continued, “Think of Big Hanna as a big gut. As the food passes through during that eight to ten week period, she goes through different zones of bacteria, until the process is finished. It’s a natural, biological process.”

The Navy is already seeing cost savings and environmental benefits. The Navy chefs have noted big waste reductions. There are now plans to expand it to other New Zealand Defence Force bases.

As TV reporter Matt concluded, “‘The Navy – clean, green and great chefs. Who knew?”

Article courtesy of TVNZ One News.

View the video at TVNZ: http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/defence-force-go-green-video-6251078

For more information about Big Hanna in New Zealand www.bighanna.co.nz

Thursday, 26 February 2015

UNIVALOM installs a Big Hanna Composter in a community composting site in a housing area in Les Semboules, France.

UNIVALOM - an association controlled by a number of local councils with the objective to recycle household waste just finished their eleventh composting facility which can be used by the residents nearby. 
In the area UNIVALOM just opened the recycling center and a collection place for organic waste from households and companies. The organic waste is composted on site by a Big Hanna Composter. 
By installing this Big Hanna model T75, UNIVALOM implements their strategy for sustainable development and recovery of food waste. 

This Big Hanna is equipped with a bin lift, a shredder and a biofilter. It is installed in a separate house and there is a covered maturation bay and a garden that is used for education in the same area. 
This machine is a second hand machine (sold with a one year warranty) and can be replaced if there is a need for more capacity. The food waste is added every day from a special bin which is situated near the road. Once a week a representative comes to demonstrate the machine and to eduacte the public in composting and recycling. 


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Buddhist Temple in Hangzhou, China make high quality compost for their tea plantation

The Lingyin Temple www.lingyinsi.org in Hangzhou, China recently installed a Big Hanna Composter model T240 to convert their food waste to compost. 
The temple's name is commonly literally translated as ‘Temple of the Soul's Retreat’. The Lingyin Temple was founded in 326AD and is the most recognized temple in Hangzhou with a long history of about 1 700 years. The temple is situated at the west end of the beautiful West Lake and the temple is nested between Feilai and Beigao Mountain. This is one of the largest Buddhist temples in China and attracts thousands of visitors every day.  
Today about 300 monks lives here. According to the Buddhist tradition the monks only eat vegetables. When it is time to eat an encirclement to food takes place by ringing in this bell. 
In this temple there is also a lot of education for monks taking place. Therefore from time to time it can be up to 500 monks at this temple.
If you are in the Hangzhou area a visit is a must. In the cliffs around the mountain there are many statues to look at. The statues are carved out in the rocks in the forest. The most famous statue is called 'The laughing monk' - a statue that is about 9 meters wide. 
The temple is focused on sustainability and has implemented candles that are reusable as a way to minimize the amount of waste they produce. Another example is that the temple only sell incense sticks of top quality, these make the air a bit better around the temple due to the fact that the smoke is less than from incence sticks from lower quality. 
In the valleys around the Lingyin temple they grow tea and instead of using chemical fertilizers the Abbot wants to use the compost from the food waste in the temple. He decided that he wanted the most natural and highest quality compost possible and decided to install our Big Hanna composter.
At the temple they produce about 1 000 kg food waste per week that until now have been sent to landfill. To compost the food waste is a new procedure to the monks and at the installation the interest in how the machine and biological process worked was very high.
Please contact our distributor in China www.bzmach.com for more information about Big Hanna in Chinese or to see the composter in operation.

For more information about Big Hanna composter www.bighanna.com

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Susteco AB has a new office and address

As from January 1:st 2015 Susteco AB have a new office.
Our new address is as follows:

Box 14 001, 400 20 Göteborg, Sweden
Visiting address/Parcel delivery: Skårs Led 3, 412 63 Göteborg, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)31 694103.
Email: info@susteco.se

UK: Phone: +44 (0)20 8638 0500. E-mail: uk-sales@susteco.se
US: Phone: +1 740.365-4140

Welcome to visit us at our new location!!